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Think of this as soft handlebar grips for your knees. The tacky, lumpy surface lets you grip the tank with your knees much better than the painted surface you spent ages polishing. Why grip the tank with your knees?

The long answer is four days at the California Superbike School. The short answer is to brace yourself against the bike to help keep it stable during cornering and take weight off your arms under braking. It really works and I wouldn’t race without it. StompGrip is also one of those products that works for you no matter what your riding level.

The 2008 season was my novice year, and I entered Thundersport’s top class, GP1, on a GSX-R1000 K4. Racing on a shoestring, with no back-up at all and riding the oldest bike on the grid, I scored strong results against fierce competition. These performances earned recognition and praise from commentators, organisers, and rivals alike, culminating in the club’s Rookie Of The Year award.

  • Nidge

    January 23, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Stomp Grip pads are NOT just a track day luxury!
    They’re really useful on the road too.
    You don’t slip forward if you have to brake firmly, you don’t slide backward so much if you open the throttle ‘enthusiastically’ (and an even bigger plus if you absent-mindedly bog things up and give it that interesting shade more than you intended).

    What’s not to like?

    Bit obvious really – Anything that gives you more control can only help.

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