Cordona PQ8 Quickshifter

Cordona PQ8 Quickshifter

Even among a clever set of products such as electronic quickshifters, the Cordona PQ8 is very smart. It varies the ignition kill time according to your revs, gear and throttle position to ensure a smooth, full-throttle shift every time.

At low revs the cut time is longer, at high revs it’s shorter. The smartest bit of all is that it brings the power back in more smoothly than any other system because it restores ignition in the correct firing order sequence. If you’ve never used a quickshifter before, you’re missing out. Upshifts no longer require any clutch, nor even the slightest alteration of throttle opening. You can change up seamlessly with a bit of gas or wide open, so it’s ideal when leant over exiting a corner at speed on track. The PQ8 comes with its own ECU and loom but fitting isn’t as complicated as it first looks and it proved reliable all year, always delivering perfect shifts. Available from

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