They save 2.5kg per wheel over most OE items and, crucially, that’s unsprung and rotating weight. The difference it makes is incredible. As I’ve found previously, the GSX-R flicked from side to side much quicker, gained an extra zing to the acceleration and allowed me to brake in the same place as before but from higher speed. You have to be going fast (ie creating big inertia) to really get the best benefit but they’ll feel better to anyone. They’re strong and great looking
too, so they’re also great for the road.
The stats from my races on the BSTs say it all. In 18 races on them I won 16, plus a second (from 31st on the grid, having missed qualifying) and a third (crossed the line first but had a 10s penalty), with lap records at every track they went to. Frankly, by the end of the season I was grateful for the three wet races at Brands and Donington, and the chance to win on the stock wheels to prove that the BSTs weren’t doing it all for me. It’s worth noting that at the same time I fitted the BSTs I also made a crucial set-up change to the bike that helped a lot. Nonetheless, the BSTs put a rocket up the GSX-R Streetfighter and I’d love to have them on every bike I ever race. BST wheels are available from