Mallory Park qualifying

Mallory Park qualifying

I’m on pole for the weekend, ahead of Andrew Plaskitt and Mark Andrew who are both going well. Keith Smith isn’t here as he’s sick, so get well soon Smiffy.
More surprisingly Chris Matthews is also absent today. I spoke to him yesterday and he told me that the championship was practically out of reach anyway and that he had a one-off chance to race in the UK Short-Track series today so he’s doing that instead. He’ll be here tomorrow to experience starting from the back of the grid.
Of course, that makes it more straightforward for me to wrap up the title today. I need 26 points which is two 4ths or, preferably, a win plus one more point.
The races are at 2pm and 5pm and I’ll try to post an update about an hour after those times.
Wish me luck.

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