Donington Park preview

Donington Park preview

The season finale is here and, with the championship already locked down,
the aim is simply to have fun. Of course, that means riding to win, just
like on any other weekend.
It’s a relief and a pleasure to be heading for Donington Park. It’s a
fantastic venue that at one point looked like it was going to be out of
service for a very long time. The layout has only changed at the final
chicane of the National circuit but it’s enough to create a new lap record
waiting to be set. I hold the class record for the old National and GP
circuits so I’ll see if I can make it a hatrick.
Especially in shorter National form, without the two hairpins at the end of
the GP lap, Donington is a spectacularly flowing circuit that rewards
commitment and precision. Craner Curves, the downhill right-left, is one of
the very best corners out of the 42 tracks I’ve ridden around the world. The
Streetfighter will be wide open in fifth gear with big lean angle. Just
thinking about it makes the hair stand up on my neck.
Yet again a horrific deadline at work is preceding the race meeting. With
all due respect to my fellow Streetfighters, arguably my biggest rival for
much of this year has been my employer and the 90hr weeks of unpaid
overtime. Employment lawyers please note the Contact tab above right!
Thankfully, this time it won’t keep me from attending practice and
A big treat this weekend is that my dad is flying over especially from
Canada and my sister is driving down from Scotland to see me race. A load of
friends and sponsors are coming too. I think I’ll have to break out the
sausage rolls and lime cordial.
There isn’t time to get all of the photos from Mallory uploaded before the
weekend but here’s a teaser from PLJphoto.

Mallory heat haze.jpg
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