ThundersportGB at Anglesey

ThundersportGB at Anglesey

This weekend the series is at Anglesey in north-west Wales though without the wide bar entertainment of the Streetfighter class. It’s our turn to skip a round which is a shame as it’s a fantastic circuit in an amazing location.
My friend Sam is racing on his CB500 and he’s flying again. He’s on pole position by half a second, calm and confident. Good luck to him for the weekend.
Hopefully you saw the racing from Brands on TV on Thursday night. The commentators love the White Dalton green spotted helmet and seeing the races made me smile. I could get better starts but at least it gives me someone to overtake. I’ve lost count of the number of people telling me to start from the back, as I had to several times in the summer, because “it’s more entertaining”. Not sure I can make that the priority over winning.
In the month before the penultimate round at Mallory Park I’m doing everything I can to be fully prepared. I’m training really hard with weights and lots of cycling and I’ve sharpened my diet a bit too. The bike is also getting a full going over. In short, nothing is being left to chance.

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