Great North Run 2010

Great North Run 2010

Something a bit different, one of our employees, Mary, took part in the Great North Run over the weekend to raise money for the RBLR poppy appeal

Mary finished the race in a record time of 1:37:09 and came placed 1655th out of the 54,000 runners taking part. Initially Mary aimed to raise £400 but overall she has raised more than £800 for the RBLR which we think is a fantastic effort. If you would like to add to the sponsorship to help get Mary to the £1,000 mark, you can at

The run is a gruelling 13.1 miles around Newcastle and attracted more than 54,000 participants this year. As you can probably imagine that taking part in the event on a serious level, rather than putting on a fluffy pink rabbit outfit, requires some level of preparation and training.

Mary is no exception and has been building up to the event with regular 13 mile runs around the Buckinghamshire countryside in her day-glo jacket. Alongside the training Mary takes part at local competition level in women’s rugby, playing at Chesham, she has also completed a full London Marathon. Mary currently plans to take part in the run next year, with the possibility of recruiting some running companions and hopefully raise even more money for the RBLR charity. Well done Mary!

Great North Run


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