Cargo Lid Lugger Rucksack Review

Cargo Lid Lugger Rucksack Review

I’m signed up to a few of those regular emails that send you bargains from the biking world and recently, I confess, I gave in. I bought myself a new rucksack that was “on special”. But this is not just any rucksack … oh no … this is an all singing, all dancing motorcyclist backpack! The name is a real catchy number, don’t know how they came up with it – the “Cargo Lid Lugger Rucksack”.

When it arrived at the offices, I was initially a bit shocked at how large it was. However, it is so comfortable on (when in your bike gear) that you don’t notice the size at all. The straps are well placed across the chest and waist, and the whole bag seems to hug or envelope you rather than just perch on your back. And most importantly, whilst riding you barely notice it is there.

It is not the best looking bag by any means, however in terms of design features I think Cargo have done really well. The back section is moulded for comfort and for airflow, and so thankfully does not defeat the purpose of my air-flo jacket. It has a pocket on the front with a mesh lining that extends out and holds a helmet, which although I haven’t had occasion to use yet was the main feature that attracted me to it. In addition, the back of it has a solid lining which divides you from the contents of your backpack. This is actually somewhat comforting, as I ride along safe in the knowledge that should I have a spill when wearing it I won’t end up with pieces of my laptop or a set of keys lodged in my spine!

All in all, I am most pleased with my purchase, and in addition there was free delivery and a cargo net thrown in as a bonus 🙂 Well done Sportsbikeshop!

Posted by Jamie Wilkins. Last modified: February 16, 2018 at 1:19 pm

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