Cadwell race three

Cadwell race three

I won! And my friend Sam rode amazingly in the first CB500 race to get third in an incredibly exciting ten-bike battle. He was also promoted to second in yesterday’s race after several riders were found to be cheating. We’re all so proud and happy for him.
In my race I got a great launch and led from start to finish, posting a new lap record along the way of 1m35.2s. Chris Matthews was second, Keith Smith third and Mark Andrew fourth, all improving their times too.
The most worrying part of the race was when a fly went straight down my throat the second I crossed the line and opened my visor. That prompted a hasty stop for a coughing fit. The insects don’t seem to like me round here as a wasp just hid in my can of Monster and stung me on the lip.
The bike is fantastic and loads of people have said how good it looks and sounds on the track. The Dunlops are brilliant too and have more grip than I’ve ever known. This is the best bike I’ve raced and better even than some top level race bikes I’ve had the priviledge of testing in the past. It’s unbelievably accurate and responsive and capable. Not bad for something I cobbled together in my garage. Massive thanks to RJW Consultancy for supplying the base bike. Thanks, too, to White Dalton and S&B for their invaluable support. The results are all a product of your backing. Now for one more, hopefully.

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