Cadwell race one

Cadwell race one

Third place – even though I was first over the line. The reason was a 10s penalty I’d picked up for overtaking under a yellow flag. Obviously I hadn’t seen it but it’s been confirmed that it was there so I guess it’s a fair cop.
I got away second and stayed there for a lap after some aggressively defensive riding by Chris Matthews. The second time down Park Straight I used the slipstream and lined up a pass on the brakes into Park Corner. Chris told me later that he’d seen the yellow flag but I was preoccupied with spotting my brake marker and apex and making a clean pass. The first I knew of the penalty was when I came back it to see glum faces instead of the expected reflection of my own celebrations.
The pace was fierce all race long – Chris and I both posted 1m36.0s laps. I’m very happy with that pace, less so that Chris’s best was three hundredths faster than mine and that he holds the new lap record at this point.
Race two is soon, so I want to put things right from earlier. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for yellow flags too…

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