Cadwell race four

Cadwell race four

This is my good friend Sam Cox. He just won his first ever race with an absolutely fantastic ride in the CB500 class. He beat much more experienced riders, the championship leader, and guys on faster bikes who were all part of the big group battling hard at the front. He led most of the race and whenever someone passed him, he passed them straight back. I was watching with his parents and we’re hoarse from cheering so loud and exhausted from the emotion of watching. Other than what my dad tells me he feels like watching me, I can’t imagine how Sam’s parents feel.
Sam has ground his way through a few tough seasons and endured some really bad luck and painful injuries. The massive cheer, easily the biggest of the weekend, from everyone gathered at the podium was an indication of what an exceptionally likeable kid he is.
By a long way, watching Sam win was the highlight of my weekend.
Oh, and I won too.

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