Corporal Tom Gaden Memorial Day, Taunton 12 June 2010

Corporal Tom Gaden Memorial Day, Taunton 12 June 2010

Our bus will be at a “Help for Heroes” charity event at Victoria Park Community Centre in Taunton Saturday 12th June 2010.

Whilst this is not a bike show as such, we were invited by Judy Gaden, mother of Corporal Tom Gaden who died in action serving with 1st Battalion The Rifles on 25th February 2009.

His parents are organising a thank you for people who have shown support and Tom’s home town, and Tom was a biker as well as a soldier. It would mean a lot to Tom’s family if there was a big show of bikers there.

If you can spare the time, have a ride out and show your support, buy a wrist band and show our armed forces that our community of bikers  support them.

Corporal Tom Gaden

23 November 1984 to 25th February 2009.

Soldier, son, fiancé and rifleman.

The Rifles – “Swift and Bold”


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