Little things

Little things

It’s always the little things that make a big difference, but often it takes someone else to point it out.
Had my bike died a death beyond saving when it mysteriously conked out last weekend in my garage? No, a main fuse, located away from the others and which I didn’t know existed, had blown. A ten-second, ten-pence fix.
Thanks to the wisdom of James Holland at JHS racing I can now rest easy again and enjoy the sound of the GSX-R firing up on demand.
I’ve been harbouring similar concerns about my riding since Snetterton and, increasingly, the bike set-up too. With the disappointment of those lacklustre rides behind me I’ve been able to look at the problem more objectively. When James made a shrewd observation about the set-up it all fell into place and I know exactly what to address before Cadwell. Whereas the resuscitation of the 750 was sufficient to confirm the correct solution had been found for the first problem, it will take a successful morning of testing at Cadwell to tick off the latter.
Nevertheless, my enthusiasm and motivation is fully restored. Let’s have it.

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