Cadwell race four

Cadwell race four

After a blinding start and first lap, at the end of which I was already in eighth, the race was stopped for an accident. At the restart not only was my initial hard work undone but, because of the delay, the race was cut to four laps, halving the time I had to make up places.
All I could do was go for it, so I did and battled through the main pack more mercilessly than ever. To my surprise, on the third lap I caught sight of Keith Smith and Andy Denyer scrapping for second. I took Smith exiting Barn, passed the last lap flag and then got Denyer two corners later to seal another, especially unlikely second place.
Congratulations to Chris Matthews for his third win of the weekend and also to Sam Cox for an outstanding ride through the CB500 field. Thanks to everyone for all the support and text messages.

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