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The fastest track on the calendar awaits in Norfolk this weekend. Many British circuits are on the sites of old airfields, but none quite so obviously as Snetterton. It takes little imagination to picture its two huge straights as runways.
Speed and power are the first things that spring to mind as necessary ingredients for a happy weekend here. Certainly, you’d face a tough time without them, but there is more to a fast lap time here than horsepower.
I’ve always described this place as a technical circuit with two huge straights, rather than an unadulterated playground for heavyweights. The tighter section from the Esses at the end of the back straight through to Russell’s chicane leading onto the start-finish is very demanding of a bike’s agility, corner speed and trail braking. This is why 140bhp Supersport 600s lap faster than the 180bhp Superstock 1000s at British level.
Happily, the ‘S&B by RJW’ GSX-R750 Streetfighter is well suited. It has a Supersport chassis with all the qualities necessary for the end of the lap and a strong engine making close to the class power limit. Even more crucially, it has an excellent power to weight ratio for acceleration onto the straights, a weak point of the Tuono I rode last year.
I enjoy Snetterton and know it well, so I’m looking forward to this weekend.
Finally, the Pembrey round is on MotorsTV tonight at around 7pm. Look out for my team-mate, Nige ‘Broadband’ Davis getting on the podium at his second ever event.

The 2008 season was my novice year, and I entered Thundersport’s top class, GP1, on a GSX-R1000 K4. Racing on a shoestring, with no back-up at all and riding the oldest bike on the grid, I scored strong results against fierce competition. These performances earned recognition and praise from commentators, organisers, and rivals alike, culminating in the club’s Rookie Of The Year award.

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