Pembrey day one

Pembrey day one

Another blog, another apology. Sorry for not posting results yet (it worried my nan). Here’s a brief rundown on both races.
I was nervous before the first race as Marsden had been quicker in qualifying. I had a plan, but even if it worked I knew it would be a tight race. I got a great start and went straight into the lead. On the third lap I glanced back to see I actually had a couple of seconds gap over Carl. Then several bikes crashed in different places (no bad injuries, thankfully) which brought out the red flags. At the restart I again got the holeshot and this time Marsden was with me all the way. On lap five I got tangled with a backmarker, allowing Marsden through but I managed to repass him right away. Then on the last lap I outbraked myself into the hairpin, going wide and letting him back through. This time a backmarker did me a favour, blocking Marsden momentarily and letting me get better drive onto the back straight. I edged in front just before the very fast, fifth gear kink, defended the last corner, and took the chequered exultant. I also cut my best lap to 1m00.8s.
Race two was less dramatic but absolutely flat-out. I led from the lights, pulled a small gap and held it to the line to win by a second from Marsden. Third went to Lee Hardy with a very gutsy ride having been knocked off by a slower bike in the first race and banged about a bit.
Tomorrow is TV day, so I’ll polish the bike, comb my hair, and aim to win again.
Time for bed now. Sweet dreams.

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