CCM Sledgehammer Winner!

CCM Sledgehammer Winner!

Dave Stanford from Kent collected the CCM Sledgehammer from our offices today. He says this is the first bike he has owned from new, all his other bikes have been second hand and needed some form of restoration to get them running again.

We feel that restoring bikes hasn’t been too technically demanding for Dave, as you can see from his Robin Reliant based show trike, nicknamed ‘Sneaky’. Visit his website to get a better idea of this crazy combination! He currently rides an Aprilia Pegaso 650 and is fully intending to keep the sledgehammer. Dave’s wife has a keen interest in monster trucks which started at the 2008 GEMS show which was combined with the Truckfest show at that time.

Dave has been riding motorbikes since about 1986 and collected his prize draw card at the Garden of England Motorcycle Show in 2008. Just goes to show that you need to keep checking the number each week to see if your prize draw card comes up! We still have the CCM R35 up for grabs. Remember cards that you have collected from way back in 2005 when we started giving away motorbikes are still valid – do not throw away your cards!

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