The show is held at the Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne, which is a lovely location, especially when the weather is kind as it was on Sunday. A beautiful sunny day and hopefully a hint of what we can look forward to for the rest of the summer – if only!!!!

There was quite a good turnout for an event this early in the year and, as usual, we met a great bunch of people, all with their own stories to share. The Police were very busy with their observed rides, which is always a popular draw at this show. I also met a paramedic who was telling me about their CRASH card system.

Basically you carry a card setting out your name, post code, date of birth, brief medical history to advise of any conditions or allergies you may have, and details of any medications you are taking at the time – just in case you cannot tell them yourself. You also wear a small green dot on your helmet to identify that you are carrying the card so the paramedics know to check. Check out their website – Hopefully you will never need the card but sometimes unexpected things happen and it could save your life.

The other useful titbit he provided was to include in your mobile phone a contact under ICE (in case of emergency) with a name and contact number for your loved ones. When you think about it we all have dozens of contacts in our phones and whilst we know who they are the paramedics won’t and will not know who to contact. More food for thought.

On a lighter note , Clare also had a test ride on a Segway, see the pictures below. Very strange to look at. Apparently it takes a bit of getting used to but once you have overcome your natural instincts and let the bike take you, all is well (not sure I will be replacing my Blade with one though)

The stunt shows were again very popular and smoky (just how much punishment will a back tyre take before it lets go??) and, for a change, we were treated to a display by some vary capable Shaolin Monks. Take my advice, and don’t ever upset one. You will be able to see them on TV soon on Britain’s Got Talent.

That’s all for now and hopefully catch up with a few more of you at the BMF Show in Peterborough next month. Safe riding in the meantime.

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