I was happy as a school boy when I received word from Graham at GLF Accessories that my shiny new lid had arrived. On opening the box I was not disappointed and was, as usual, very impressed with the high quality finish. I was equally impressed with the excellent fit, much better than my previous Condor as I always found the actual ‘head hole’ a bit too small for comfort.

My childish delight was dented slightly when, having tried with Graham for about half an hour to fit a slightly darker visor (obligatory in my book), and having had to call Arai, we discovered that the normal range of Arai after-market visors do not actually fit the new Quantum or the RX-7 range of helmets. Thanks for the heads-up Arai. After much nodding of heads and beard stroking, and some more frantic telephone calls, a new style visor was on its way from Jersey. Great work by the way Graham as it turned up the next day as promised. Our efforts to fit a darker pinlock to the new visor also resulted in failure as, following yet another call to Arai, we discovered that the current pinlocks don’t actually fit the new visor and so further calls were made to order the necessary items.

I managed to give my new lid a test ride over the weekend. What can I say?? Absolutely brilliant. Perfect visibility, perfect fit, absolutely no (and I really do mean NO) wind noise and the usual excellent ventilation. Even without a pinlock, and on quite a cold day, there was no misting at all of either the visor or my glasses.

Despite the small teething problems vis a vis the visor/pinlock issues I can only say – great work Arai, you have made my head very happy again.

Just waiting for my new gloves to arrive now and will do a review on them as soon as I can.

Happy riding all – keep it the shiny-side up

We are sorry to announce that as of 22 June 2012 Paul Henry has retired from the partnership due to ill health. We wish him a speedy recovery and all the best in the future.

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