Royal British Legion Custom Motorbike

Royal British Legion Custom Motorbike

Following our last show at the Ally Pally I couldn’t resist writing a little something about a motorbike I saw on the Royal British Legion Stand owned by Paul “Stitch” Wickenden.

As some of you may be aware, we have a strong affiliation with the Legion and are sponsoring the upcoming RBLR1000.  I was working at the Ally Pally Ace Café Custom Show on the Saturday when Paul Henry, Managing Partner, called me to go and see (or gawp at) the Harley on the Legion’s stand and speak to its owner.  Paul had met Stitch the day before and was given a CD containing photos of the bike.

I duly wandered over with bacon “sarnie” in hand and was simply blown away.  Now I’m not particularly a Harley man but the paint work was incredible as you will see in the photos.  The artist had an amazing eye for detail and some of his other creations can be viewed at  As you will see in the photos, the Harley’s theme is dedicated purely to our brave servicemen and woman fighting abroad.

As always, the Legion volunteers were a friendly bunch.  Stitch chatted away and told me that the whole bike was inspired by a young man called Jason Partridge who had left the army and joined the RAF so he could return to serve in Afghanistan.  Stitch says this young man inspired him to sell all his other bikes and plough his savings into creating this Harley.

Stitch and his partner regularly show the bike and any money they raise goes to charities supporting our servicemen and woman.  In addition to collecting for the Royal British Legion they also collect for the Afghan Heroes.  Their website is  If you see Stitch, drop a pound or two in his bucket!!!  It is for a great cause.

Andrew Prendergast a.k.a Chef

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