Race two

Race two

I won. And it feels great. Carl was second and Chris third this time.
It was a hard race and I had to fight back from third at half distance. After the slight disappointment of this morning it feels all the sweeter. It’s also a relief to know I can fight for wins and that I’m not facing a season of getting beaten a lot.
A change of tyres made the difference. I’d been persuaded to use the new Dunlop D211GP Racer but, despite its name, it isn’t really a race tyre for a fast pace. For trackdays it would be awesome. I really missed the Birmingham-made race tyres I used last year and swapped to them for race two. The 1.1s I cut from my best lap says it all.
The new bike has been brilliant so far, in the wet and the dry. It’s rapid, smooth, balanced, agile, and very well suspended. I can’t thank Rob at RJW Consultancy enough for providing the bike and also for seeing it through, helping to make sure it’s fully sorted.
Likewise, thanks to S&B Automotive Academy for their massive support. Rob Mortimer from S&B was here today, as he is at most rounds, and always ready to help.
Thanks also to White Dalton – the commentators still love the spotty helmet jokes -for their backing. I’m very lucky to have such great support and I’m delighted to repay that with a win.
Lastly, a shout to my erstwhile team-mate, Nigel Davis, for acquitting himself very well on his race debut. He looked smooth and accurate and he’s constantly nudging faster, which is just the way to do it.

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