New Rukka Armadillo Kit Review

New Rukka Armadillo Kit Review

Today is the first day my new Rukka Kit got its first outing in the hacking down rain, and the boys from Finland know how to make a decent motorcycle suit. Mine is the midrange Armadillo but the prices are pretty top end. Anyway, here is what I reckon.

The quality seems very good, the waterproofing held up in 3 hours solid rain at brisk motorway speeds without any leakage and the suit can shut off most incoming wind. The collar was especially good.

The downsides are the price, and zipping together the trousers to the jacket is more fiddly than my old and now just slightly leaky HG suit. The kit without liners is not warm, but I don’t think that is a fault. I hate clammy riding gear in the summer but I do think the lack of vents, which is great for water proofing will not be so great for summer riding.

All the internal pockets stayed perfectly dry and while my missus says I know look more like a policeman than I normally do (I still get sent to the Police Room when I turn up at the magistrates) she thinks it is the smartest looking gear I have had.

So is it worth the premium price? I don’t know yet. I can spend all day riding and if I was a regular leisure rider I would have to say I would stick mid range (Held, HG) as the step up in price needs quite extreme conditions to bring out the benefits. The 5 year warranty is what swung me. I get through my HG stuff about every 3 years, so it was worth trying. I like HG stuff but holding joint British/Finnish nationality tipped me over to buying Finnish kit. So far I am pleased with it but it will get sorely tested on the RBLR 1000.

The kit is comfortable but I had to take the hip armour out with the lining in as it rubbed, but with the lining out I can feel it but it is not too bad. The armour sits snugly and does not feel like it would move about in the event of my delicate form sliding down the road. It is way more waterproof than the Aerostich, and I do not look like a Ninja teletubby wearing it, at least, I don’t think I do.

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