New bike unveiled in two days!

New bike unveiled in two days!

My new bike is almost complete and I’ll reveal it this weekend. The bodywork has been painted by S&B Automotive Academy and it looks fantastic. This weekend will be my first chance to get pics of it in daylight so I’ll post a few then. After that I’ll explain the choice of bike and parts, plus give some insight into the build with pics from various stages, minus the cursing and skinned knuckles.
Right now, I’ve just prepared the bike to go on the dyno at JHS Racing tomorrow, and finished off a couple of other bits. Then I got carried away and did some work on my van too, which is why it’s now 1.30am. It’s a school night and everything.
My race entries went off in the post today and Thundersport published a list of nearly 50 names who will be competing in the three Streetfighter classes. However, we’ll have to wait for Mallory Park 12-13 March to see who is in which class and what they’re riding.

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