For a start, there are no support races with either MotoGP or World Superbike. As glamorous as they sound, the reality is greatly reduced tracktime, no vast cheering crowds and little feeling of being at a special event, so for ’10 every event will be exclusively ThundersportGB. This is a good thing, especially because we get a full weekend at Donington, cathedral of British bike racing, for the first time.

Another change is that there are 10 events this year, but each class only goes to nine. This keeps everyone’s costs under control and allows for extra classes to join by rotating the class that stays home. The Streetfighters will miss Anglesey which is a shame because it’s a fantastic circuit, but at least it saves the six-hour drive each way and the possibility of the Irish Sea weather dishing out a soaking.

For more info on all the classes and events, visit

  • Rd 1 13-14th March Mallory Park
  • Rd 2 10-11th April Pembrey
  • Rd 3 2-3rd May Snetterton
  • Rd 4 30-31st May Cadwell Park
  • Rd 5 26th June Oulton Park
  • Rd 6 17-18th July Donington Park
  • Rd 7 7-8th August Cadwell Park
  • Rd 8 29-30th August Brands Hatch
  • Rd 9 9-10th October Mallory Park

Finally, here’s a little hint at some of the trick stuff going on my new bike.