After Andrew met one of the organisers at the Bulldog Bash, the 2009 Whitstable Toy Run was sponsored by White Dalton, so all participants were rewarded with one of the new White Dalton snoods and a sticker.  Andrew and I felt a little spare at times as the bikers were stopped onto their way in to the car park and very efficiently presented with their goodies!  I have to say that I was extremely impressed at the number of stickers which went straight onto the bikes, given that the Whitstable Toy Run Association (WTRA) logo is a motorcycling teddy bear and a great number of grown men were sticking them on to their pride and joy!  Even one of the police bikes was ‘stickered up’.

People had really made an effort and there was a lot of tinsel, people dressed as Father Christmas, and even a Fairy with her Christmas tree complete with lights.  The efforts made for some great pictures even though I am a bit ‘point and click’ as opposed to having any photographic prowess (thank you to all of the bikers who kindly agreed to us taking a photo’, I hope we caught your best side!)

I have received a fair bit of stick for saying that I would really like a sparkly bike, but I found a man at the meet with a sparkly Ducati! I was allowed to swoon over the paint work and photograph it… and whilst the photos do not do it justice you can get the idea!

We were made to feel super welcome and I had a great afternoon.  The WRTA are a great bunch as were all the bikers who came along and I’d just like to say thank you for having us!!

If you would like to read more about the Whitstable Toy Association or get involved with their future events, have a look at their website (I can only view it on Internet Explorer as opposed to Firefox, so if you’re having problems seeing the site try viewing in a different browser!)

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