The Brands Hatch oil catastrophe in pictures

The Brands Hatch oil catastrophe in pictures

Some pictures have emerged that show the full scale of the ecological disaster that struck Brands Hatch in Kent two weeks ago.


This bike, immaculately prepared by Mark Hill Performance in Stevenage, blew itself to smithereens and dropped several million gallons of oil on the racing line.


With no warning flags, this had the predictable effect of causing several crashes and led to me breakdancing at 80mph. It’s a shame I didn’t manage to catch that expensive bit of carbon fibre as it passed me by. I never saw it again.


My good friend Chris Matthews was kind enough to crash in sympathy so that I didn’t feel singled out.Thankfully he was unhurt and his bike escaped significant damage too.


The clean up operation is ongoing as Greenpeace and a number of environmental agencies battle to save local wildlife. My Aprilia Tuono is being nursed back to health and stands a good chance of making a full recovery by the final round of the year. Sadly, they don’t think there’s anything they can do to save my championship bid.

Thanks to everyone who has sent encouragement since Brands, and especially to the people who have been helping me to sort the bike out. Thanks also to Racing Line Photography, whose pics feature in this news story.

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