The last race of the weekend was loads of fun. I pushed hard to try to get on the podium again and I missed it by just 0.4s. A last lap lunge at Keith Smith didn’t quite work. I lost too much on the straight to outbrake him. Denyer won with Matthews second, keeping the points battle interesting.
The post-race dyno showed the FireStorm only making 103bhp, which explains the speed gap. Nevertheless, it has been real fun to ride and I can’t believe how capable it is for a bike that Honda never intended to go nearer to a track than the spectators’ car park. Big, big thanks again to Rob Garland for the generous loan and to Mark Hooper for driving it up to Anglesey. Even bigger thanks to S&B Automotive Academy and White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors, brilliant sponsors and supporters both.
I’ll get some pics up to the gallery soon.

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