New photos and results added

New photos and results added

Hi. Quick blog to say that I’ve added the first few images from Anglesey and
the results page is now up to date with full downloadable PDFs.
Also, congratulations to Mick Riddle on entering the top five overall
following a great run of results. You can see him and his green Kawasaki
chasing me in one of the Anglesey pics. Note the Royal Air Force logo on his
leathers – Mick gets my instant respect, and not just because he might bomb
my house. Actually, Mick is a chef, like the hardest Hollywood forces hero
of them all, yes, Steven Seagal. No stove is safe.
The other rider in the pics is Barry Utting on his Streetfighter B CBR600FI.
He has an awesome riding style derived from his days on 250GP bikes, and we
had some good battles. There will be more pics uploaded soon. PLJ Photo got
some brilliant stuff as usual.
The bike repairs are progressing, albeit slowly. I removed the swingarm
yesterday and laid it next to the new one. It’s quite clearly bent, though
I’ve still no idea how it happened in a low-side crash. The other new parts
are due in a few days, so it looks like we’re on track for a big finale at
Rockingham in a fortnight.
You stay classy, San Diego.

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