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I have at long last done my first ever track day on the full GP circuit at Silverstone.

I was more than a little nervous before hand.  I was worried that I would be too slow, that I’d trash my bike etc…..  We had the briefing before going on track which calmed me a little and the organisers (Hottrax) also gave a more detailed briefing on the track for newbies like myself.  This proved to be very helpful later!

I had booked an evening session which, as it turns out, was not fully booked.  After both groups had done their 3 mandatory sighting laps it got turned into an open pitlane session.  This turned out to be really good as I could go out and do 3 or 4 laps and come in for a short break before going and doing more.

I soon found that my 749 was absolutely perfect for a first track day outing.  It felt so stable in the corners and I soon found that I was pretty quick through them.  The bike lost out on the straights but there were very few that were as quick as me through the twisties.  I only went off track a couple of times, the most hair-raising being at Copse.  In the briefing, we had been told we’d probably go in too hot into Copse at some point but were also told that you shouldn’t worry as you just stand the bike up, go over the short bit of grass and there is loads of tarmac run off.  That said, when you get Copse right it is very satisfying – to be going that fast with your right knee buried in the race track is awesome.

I didn’t tape up the bike as is normal for track days as I had to ride too and from the track, but in the entire session I only sneaked a view at my speedo on the long straight.  Apart from that, I was counting gears, looking for apexes and looking for braking points.  I put the baffles in my G&G cans, but was a little worried that they would still be too loud.  I didn’t get black flagged, so can only assume they were quiet enough!

There were photographers at the track from whom I couldn’t resist buying a CD with all my pictures on – I’ve attached a few to this blog.  It’s only fair to acknowledge the photographers who were from

In short, I cannot wait for my next outing and if you’re like me and really want to do a track day but are nervous, don’t put it off any more – you wont regret it!

As of 1st April 2013, John is no longer a partner of the firm.

  • Andrew

    August 19, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    Right, we’ve seen the photos. We all agree you are a track day God. Now stop showing everyone, including Sue our non biking cleaning lady. And John will forgive me for letting everyone know that his wallpaper on his work screen is him burying his knee into the tarmac. And I thought he was all grown up now he has got a Beemer. Some hope.

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