Race one and two

Race one and two

Not a great day, but I’m ok.
I was leading at half distance in race one and had just set a new lap record, when a backmarker bike’s engine blew, dumping oil all over the track, and i was first one there. I crashed at around 80mph, slid across a kerb and rolled over the grass. Five others crashed too.
I got up in case there were more bikes heading my way, but my lower back hurt so I lay down again. That prompted a trip to the medical centre for a check over by the brilliant staff there. I’m only a bit knocked about though.
The bike isn’t so good. I don’t know the full extent of the damage, but it isn’t rideable this weekend and it will be a challenge to sort it by the next round in two weeks.
I was just about to pack up and go home, when Mark Hooper turned up with Rob Garland’s spare bike. “Here you go,” he said. It’s a converted Honda Firestorm and it would do very nicely to get me on the grid and score a few points. We rushed to get ready and change the numbers, and I lined up a most unlikely bike on pole position.
After a steady start I got used to it and did ok, finishing 12th overall and 8th in class for eight points. I think 6th might be possible tomorrow.
The championship is almost certainly out of reach now, so I’m aiming to make sure I can finish in the top three overall. I’d like to make sure I have the most race wins too.
All the best everyone.

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