Photo gallery update, training, and my other race bike

Photo gallery update, training, and my other race bike

Check out the revised photo gallery on my website. This season is now split
up round by round with a load of extra images from Snetterton and a new
folder for the Aprilia Tuono Factory. Many thanks to John from White Dalton,
Tony Margiocchi and Rob Wright for the extra pics, to compliment the
professional images from PLJ Photo. If anyone would like a higher resolution
version of any of these pics, drop me an email.
As the Brands Hatch round approaches I’m focusing on fitness. The bike is
tip top so there isn’t a lot else that needs to be done. The sort of fitness
you need to race at club level is different to Superbikes or MotoGP. The
physical work in riding a bike is directly proportional to the speed, so the
faster you’re going the fitter you need to be.
The Tuono is heavier than most race bikes but it changes direction easily
and doesn’t fight back, so for one race you don’t need to be especially fit.
The difference over a weekend of club racing is that I’m usually on my own,
doing all the work in the paddock, and sleeping in my box trailer. After all
of that you can start a race feeling tired. The aim of being fitter is that
I can still feel fresh on the last lap of the last race and able to ride my
I train five to six times a week, including cycling, weights, and specific
push-up sessions for strength under braking. This gives me a good
combination of strength and endurance, and keeps my weight down to around
11st7lbs to help acceleration. I especially love cycling and there are some
great rides around Bath – so long as you don’t mind some big hills. Here’s
what I ride, my second Italian race bike, a carbon fibre Viner Gladius
Limited Edition.

Viner Gladius ltd.jpg
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