Bulldog Bash 2009

Bulldog Bash 2009

Not withstanding the photo, it is Andrew blogging this site. We had an excellent time at the Bulldog Bash with a much lighter police presence this year. I always think the Bash is amongst the safest and most easy going of all the big shows we do. Special thanks go out to Dusty and Smudge, two of the organising Hell’s Angels who really looked after me and Jo, Dusty especially for pulling our van out of what was pretty light mud. Dusty, if you get this can you make contact because there are a few bottles of wine for you, as a thank you for getting us out.

We were lucky to have a really good bunch of traders around us, and we were fed genuine Pakistani Chick pea curry from the stand opposite us. I made the mistake of wolfing it down, and turning a very strange colour as the chilli’s bit back. I also lost my voice for about 10 minutes which cheered Jo up no end. Next to us was an excellent airbrush artist from Theme Colour, and Dave, once I get my new bike, you can airbrush my tank!

I really hope this festival can be kept running. I have made contact with the HAMC and their solicitors as a reference for the organised and sensible way this show is run.

Finally, thanks to the Red Devils for the photos. My dad is an ex Para and was chuffed with the photo. Jo was slightly less chuffed. The Para to the left of her didn’t quite know what to do with his hands. That explains the rather suprised look from Jo. Little rascals these Paras.


Here are a few photos from the 2009 Bulldog Bash show at Long Marston Airfield in Warwickshire which Jo and Andrew attended over the weekend.

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