Waterproof leathers from Hein Gericke

I took a chance with buying a pair of allegedly cool, waterproof, protective, perforated leather motorcycle jeans from Hein Gerickes Luton branch. Neither Charlie nor Tim had used them but their basic position was HG would not compromise their brand by selling something which was not up to the job. They are also Goretex and the Gore Company try to avoid putting their name on stuff which does not work. I have to admit I am a bit of an HG fan, so I took a punt. Luckily Charlie ordered up several sets and I fitted into a size on the label I have not fitted into since I left Gibraltar Barracks, so they do come up big. When on they are more of a trouser cut rather than a race jean cut and they look okay, but my Alpine Star Track jeans are a much closer cut. I wore them for the first time in an absolute deluge – for about 15 minutes the skies over Birmingham just exploded with water. Cars were braking to 30mph on the M6 Toll, foglights were going on, and my Schuberth Helmet filled up it pinlock fogshield with water. Basically it was bloody horrible. However my leather jeans did not leak at all. Nor did my Hanwag lace up combat boots (try www.sappershop.com) for the boots that British Squaddies are buying themselves because the Government won’t, and as I was almost expecting a leak I was really alert to wet crotch or my boots filling up. In short, the HG waterproof leather jeans work. Given the choice between waterproof leather and Cordura in an off I will go for leather, so these jeans will be getting a lot of use. The only downside may arise in the winter because the trousers come with a zip in thermal liner which may be a little snug, but then long johns can go on.

These jeans are pricey, but if you ride all year, I reckon they will be one of the most used pieces of kit in your wardrobe. I recommend them.

Posted by Andrew Prendergast. Posted on: July 15, 2009 at 12:00 am

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