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Having returned last night from the Road Races in Aberdare, I just wanted to pen a big THANK YOU to the (large number of) lads who all assisted John and I manoeuvre the White Dalton Motorhome on the quagmire formerly known as Aberdare Park. I was truly grateful to see real camaraderie, and was impressed at the amount of muscle power offered up from both show-workers and other traders! It was also nice to see that no amount of rain can dampen that welsh spirit 😀 Oh – and to those of you who jokingly said we would be lucky to get in for midnight … we made it with an hour to spare! 😉

As of 19 June 2014, Rhiannon is no longer a partner of the firm.

  • Aled Lloyd

    July 27, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    As one of the organisers and chief marshall for the weekend I would like to thank you for supporting our club and our event and look forward to seeing you next year in the sunshine.

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