The bike feels great and I was able to get down to 1m13.3s quite comfortably to take pole by half a second. I’m sure I can race at that pace too.

My main rival, Andy Denyer, who is currently looking after my spot at the top of the points table, is second. He and his Triumph are looking good on track. Completing the front row are Keith Smith and Chris Matthews, posting near identical 1m14.8s laps.

There’s a bit of sponsor pressure at Snetterton as I’ll have several guest supporters over the weekend. White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors are visiting tomorrow to cheer on my polka dot lid, and today S&B Automotive Academy are attending in the imposing form of Deputy CEO Richard Belton. Blimey. I’ve been polishing things in every spare moment. Rob is back again too, the third meeting he’s been too which earns him a gold star or something.

They were both helping me with signals in qualifying. If you’ve seen Team America: World Police, the go faster signal is a bit like the secret distress sign – wave your arms all over the place! It worked though.

The first race is a bit over an hour away, and I’m really looking forward to it.