That was a hell of a race! I was second into the first corner behind Denyer, making his usual fast start, but dived up the inside into turn two and got my head down.
After a couple of laps I had a small gap, only to miss a downshift and run very wide into Sears, costing me drive onto the back straight. Denyer repassed me and we got into a big scrap, battling through lapped riders at the same time.
At one point I lunged through into turn one and ran desperately wide, almost into the cabbage field. I regrouped, got back in touch and when Denyer hesitated behind some backmarkers on the penultimate lap I grabbed the lead back and held it to the line. I’m really happy to have won again, after what seems like ages.
I’ve made some changes for race two which should help. The pace wasn’t great before, so if I can get back to the low 13s from qualifying then it should help a lot.
Race two news in a couple of hours.

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