Donington Park MotoGP

Donington Park MotoGP

On Sunday John and I rode the 150 mile round trip to see the last MotoGP race to be held at Donington Park.

It was a classic English day for these types of events – and by that I mean rainy 😉

The atmosphere was great as always at MotoGP, the crowd a competing sea of colours for Rossi and Toseland, plus spattered banners for each of the other racers too.

It was one of the most unusual races I have watched, with the two Ducatis making a fatal error by choosing wets over slicks, ending up in a sight I never would have expected – Stoner being lapped by Rossi! That was actually quite a sad moment in my book … I know Stoner is not the most popular of riders on the circuit, but he is the only guy who has tamed that Duke and boy has he done it with style – when he is on form he is a stunning rider to watch – especially when in fierce 1-on-1’s with Rossi.

It was also made memorable by the offs – Lorenzo and Rossi being the main ones. Totally unexpected, the two main contenders for the podium both (but individually) managed to wipe themselves out of the race for first place (and Lorenzo out of the race entirely), giving a chance to others who usually don’t get a look-in. Dovizioso came in for his first win of his MotoGP career, Edwards came in second, and de Puniet third.

We travelled home en masse afterwards, wondering how/why on earth drivers still try to change lane through hundreds of bikes filtering in turn down the M1 … I could just hear the trial in my head … “yes Your Honour I did have 95 bikes go past my window in quick succession but I just didn’t think to check my mirrors for a 96th!”

I did discover that race leather pants and an air-flo jacket whilst brilliant for the ride up in the dry were a pretty rubbish outfit for the ride back in the rain! By 20 miles in I was soaked, but warm enough not to be too bothered by it … although I did start eyeing up other people’s rain suits with rather green eyes!

And I can’t help but end on a quick gloat … when looking out into the sea of bikes parked up in the carpark and admiring several bikes whilst walking around (there were some wicked ones there), I did have a little warm glow inside knowing that there was not a single other bike identical to mine there 😀

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