Back to winning ways

Back to winning ways

The last race was the fiercest of all, and I was hugely up for it after the morning’s disappointment. The upside of getting beaten was that I was a lot less nervous and felt less pressure.
After a decent start I slotted in to second, bided my time, and passed Denyer when he ran a bit wide in the Bombhole. He slipstreamed past me soon after and then I got a false neutral into Sears, costing me time and briefly dropping me to third. I really wanted this win though and chased furiously for about six laps. With good drive and some slipstream I was able to pass on the brakes into the Esses. That had been my weak spot, but I’d finally got the forks stable with a few more tweaks between races. When Denyer fought back on the outside I let the brakes off a little and held the lead.
The next time past the line the last lap flag was out so we were all out. I went slightly defensive into the Esses and braked very late. He showed me a wheel, but my plan worked and he couldn’t get by. In the last corner I lunged under a backmarker and knew I had it. The run to the line was tense as the slightest touch of the rev limiter, let alone a missed gear, would have ruined my acceleration and cost the race. As I went under the flag I let out a huge scream in my lid and punched the air – this win really meant a lot.
The points gap now stands at 26 with 13 races remaining. The single race at Donington Park on the Day of Champions is double points though, so I’ll make sure I’m very well prepared to capitalise on that. Bring it on.
Finally, thanks very much to everyone that supports me by reading this and especially to S&B Automotive Academy and White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors. I couldn’t race without their fantastic backing. It was also great to have Richard and Rob from S&B along yesterday, and Rhiannon and John from WDMS today. They all travelled a long way, and they were great company for the weekend.

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