Aberdare Road Races

Aberdare Road Races

This weekend, John and I went to Aberdare, South Wales, to man White Dalton’s stand at the Annual Road Race.

The turn out was a bit lower than expected, but given the ridiculous amount of rain which fell over the weekend we were pleased to see there were still a large number of bikers who arrived to provide support to the racers. Speaking of whom, the racers who still continued to compete through the rain were truly hardcore and I take my hat off to them. The bikes still got up to amazing speeds and over so far at corners, despite the wet, making the races great to watch. John got some close-up shots of some of them, so I will get him to post them, and below are some general scenes taken with my not-so-fancy pocket camera.

I was pleased to note our new safety campaign of car/van stickers urging drivers to look twice for bikers before turning went down well, and as usual there was much interest in the CCM Limited Edition Flat-Tracker we are currently giving away.

Oh well, the only thing you truly cannot plan is the weather… I hope we will be back next year in drier climes to properly enjoy this annual event that has built up such a great name for itself.

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