Technical troubles

Technical troubles

…with my not-so-smartphone rather than the bike, fortunately. The remote
email has spluttered to a halt, so there’s a chance that I won’t be able to
blog live from the track on Friday and Saturday if I can’t fix it tomorrow.
My nan does worry if I don’t fire up a blog soon after a race!
I’m heading out to the garage now (10pm) to change the oil and filter, raise
the yokes by 3mm to stop the front wheel rubbing the radiator under braking
(yes, really), and start loading the trailer. Way too busy to have done
either any earlier.
Tomorrow evening, right before I leave for Oulton, BBC Radio Wiltshire is
stopping by to do an interview about my season so far. I’ll post a blog to
say when it will air.
Best wishes everyone

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