Not a good day…

Not a good day…

Waking up to rain dripping through the roof of my trailer and onto the outer of the two sleeping bags required to stave off hypothermia is not a brilliant way to begin any day.
The rain was incessant and I was soaked through within the first lap of qualifying. The track was really slippery, so I started steady and gradually built up the pace, feeling for grip and working out gearing.
And then I crashed.
It was braking down the hill into Hizzy’s chicane, still in a straight line, at about 80mph. I slid for about 150 metres on my back, and the bike went even further. I’m fine, not even a bruise, and the leathers are barely marked. Can’t say the same for the bike though. It looks ok from a few feet away, but the list of damaged bits is a long, sad one. The run up to Snetterton will be busy and expensive in equal measure.
If you’re going to the BMF South West show next weekend in Somerset, you can see the damage for yourself. I’ll be there on the White Dalton stand, probably busking for change at this rate! I look forward to meeting some of you there.

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