Although the GSX1400 is no slow coach the power of this machine is like nothing I have ever ridden.  I cannot get over how well this bike pulls in any gear and from any speed.  You just twist the right grip, point it and it just goes.  I would love to get it on a track and see what it will do although one thing is clear…I will never be able to exploit the full potential of this machine!!!

In addition to the power I’ve been surprised how well this thing goes round corners with not much in the way of chicken strips left on the tyres.  I think another week or so and if I get some dry days to go out and play I don’t think there will be much left of these.

Where it does not score as well as the old GSX, (which I don’t yet have the heart to sell) is comfort.  I think having a rather large gut probably does not help so there are 3 options.

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Sell the ZX12R or
  3. Put up with the more crouched position because it is a fantastic machine.

So option 3 it is.  Oh and there is the other downside- approximately 30miles per gallon- or less!!!  Looks like an expensive summer then as I am about to ride a 1000miles in 24 hours for the Royal British Legion organised event “Iron Butt” and then the following week riding to see my brother in Austria (which I have just worked out will cost me at least £400 in petrol!!!

Updates to follow!!!


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