Iron Butt 1000

Iron Butt 1000

Chef and Andrew set off to ride 1000 miles in 24 hours or less to join the Iron Butt association and also to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal. The run was organised by the Royal British Legions Rider’s Branch, and was very smoothly operated by them, and in particular Paddy McCreanor who runs the Northern Branch. Chef and Andrew had a few miles to go to get to the start at Squires Cafe near Leeds, and regrettably Chef’s GSX 1400 got hit by a stone in the Highlands of Scotland right in the oil cooler, puncturing it.

Andrew punched on with his mate and fellow Barrister Brian Griffiths, both on BMW 1200 GS bikes, but Brian’s tank range on his Adventure made it the perfect bike for this type of work. Apart from a bit of a numb bum Andrew had no ill effects. Chef slept from Fort William to Luton in a recovery truck! Andrew and Brian completed the run in under 22 hours, the hardest part being the A82 in the dark, along the Great Glen, where the occasional kamikaze red deer added a little bit of interest.

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