DAB digital radio on a motorbike

DAB digital radio on a motorbike

Knowing I am going to get merciless stick from m’learned friends for having yet another gizmo on my bike I’ll admit another one – this time a DAB radio. On the RBLR 1000 endurance ride, having the Lions match to listen to whilst flooging up from Edinburgh to Wick was a much needed distraction from my seriously numb backside. Having traffic reports and weather coming in on Absolute Radio was also good.

I used a Pure Highway Radio, wired in to the ignition on car lighter style plug – so far very easy. I placed the additional magnetic aerial on the top of mu top box, routed the cable and job done. 5 minutes maximum. So does it work? Yep, I got Radio 5 live clearly in the middle belt of Scotland, Absolute Radio clear as a bell in Cumbria and what is good about this radio is the if the signal is too weak it just stops, with very little atmospherics, and when the signal is on one bar I can still hear it very well. The Autocom copes very well with the noise output. The little magnetic aerial (an optional extra) is well worth having as before I fitted it I could not get a signal pretty well from Leicester to Leeds on the M1 but with it fitted a decent signal all journey.

So if you are a long distance rider or a regular commuter it can really break up the monotony of a long journey, and the signal seems pretty good across the nation, from the North of Scotland down to the North Devon Coast.

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  1. Hi looking for a similar set up. What speakers did you use? And what version pure. I’m looking to get Bluetooth speakers installed in my lid and have dab radio will this work. Thanks

  2. Andrew DaltonApril 9, 2019

    I suggest you get a 3.5mm Bluetooth dongle output – less than a tenner off Ebay. I no longer use this set up as I use a the BBC radio player App, Absolute App or other radio apps and these come straight through to my Ultimate Ear headphones through a cheap Bluetooth dongle. I have my phone on a Quadlock mounting which I have used off road (in fact I mostly use it as an off road GPS Navigator on my Samsung S8+) and it is remarkably robust. I used the Pure Highway and the external aerial was essential for a solid signal.

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