BMF GEMS SHOW – 30th & 31st May 2009

BMF GEMS SHOW – 30th & 31st May 2009

What a glorious weekend for standing in the Garden of England-  sadly it would seem that the  sunshine drew everyone away from the show and down to the coast as the foot traffic past our stand was not as hectic as I’d been expecting.

Cheffy and I spent two days in the sunshine handing out prize cards and White Dalton freebies and chatting to passers-by about who we are and what we do.  It was nice to meet some clients of the firm (though none of mine came along  :’-( ) as well as potential new clients who were genuinely interested in what we do.  As always the prize bike had lots of interest (though I’m always shocked at the number of people who don’t want the chance to win  a free bike- maybe it’s just ‘cos I’m from Yorkshire and you know what they say about us, but where I come from “owt for nowt” is a good thing!)

Around the show-ground I managed to scare myself silly by going to sit in the demonstration van at the safety camera partnership stand- bikers beware- just because you don’t have a front facing number plate doesn’t mean they don’t have ways and means of catching you out!!!  Highlights of my day however were  chocolate flavour Yorkshire Dales ice-cream and watching the children’s stunt-show- one of the girls had a bright pink bike which maybe a spray job I need to carry out on my GS500!

Oh, and the sunshine there did something which 8 days in Mexico could not do, which is to give my legs a bit of colour…. alright, so it made one leg the extremely attractive  colour of boiled lobster,  and the other one remains very white, which has meant I have been the target of  some ridicule around the office!

Hopefully a few more of you will turn out for our next show – check our main website for details of who will be there and where it is!!


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