And repeat

And repeat

Race two was the same story as earlier pretty much, except this time I got an awesome start and led the whole race for the first lap before the first of the Supertwins got by.
After four laps the same two headcases got in front of me on their Supertwins with block passes and proceeded to beat each other up, repeatedly nearly crash, and hold me up like before. I kept checking over my shoulder to see where main rival Denyer was, ready to attack if necessary.
When the last lap flag came out the Supertwins went for desperate braking into the turn one hairpin, only to outbrake themselves and go wide. Laughing in my helmet, I ducked under them both to grab third overall. Unfortunately, there had been a bad crash halfway round the lap down the field and the red flags came out. The result was declared from the last whole lap when I was still in fifth. Never mind, I won my class again, the bike was great, I had a ball, and I’m 9 points ahead again.
Thanks to everyone.

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