A sensible win

A sensible win

I’m not often accused of being mature and level-headed on a bike, but in today’s first race I was sensible enough to stay out of the desperate battle for third in the Supertwins class that was going on in front of me and calmly took the Streetfighter class win by seven seconds.
I got a great start and slotted into third behind the front two Supertwins. They pulled me along and I set a best lap, and new class record, of 1m01.1s.
As you’d expect, commentator Steve Day took the mick mercilessly for yesterday’s petrol draught. My spotty White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors helmet seems to amuse him greatly too!
First thing this morning I bought a siphon and fuel jug so that I can precisely monitor and measure the fuel I use and need. Six and a half litres covers it, with the mandatory two litres remaining at the end. Lesson learned.
Race two is in just over an hour. The tyres are cooking on the warmers, the fuel is done, and I’m ready for another good race.

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