A big thank you to all of the other exhibitors who helped out when my brother in law’s wheelchair needed running repairs. Our stand was next to SBW Motorad, and now being old enough to feel no hint of embarrassment to like the big German mile munchers, I felt myself getting drawn to the Adventurer with it’s very clever suspension by I also like the K1300S – it seemed ideal to me, a mile eating sports tourer with a shaft drive, because I really do hate chain maintenance. Even Fast bikes who don’t broadcast their legal columnist (me) ides a German boxer twin really rated the K1300, and got to grips with the paralever suspension. I like it on my GS but I really did not like it on the R1200RT where the steering had too little feedback for me.

There were loads of Hertfordshire Police officers there for bike safe runs, a brave guy in a speed camera van, a whole bunch of scooterists next to us, and I managed to miss all the stunt riding, but Chef said it was good. Luckily I also missed the country dancing displays as well, but these seem well recieved by a slightly bewildered bunch of bikers. The weather made a difference, but the real magic of that show was how relaxed and friendly people were. Paul came up by ‘Blade and Chef bowled up on his newish toy, a big red ZX12. Well, I say big. After my GS everything feels like a mini moto. Tony Moore from Moores Motorcycles in St Albans was opposite us, and seemd to have a lot of people interested in his stock of Yamahas. There was a very tidy R6 there, as well as the new naked Divvy 600 which our Jo might have a think about, along with the Hornet, and a GS500.

Paul keeps trying to get me to ride his ‘Blade but I am resisting. I have got sports bikes out of my system and I don’t want to relapse into changing tyres every few weeks, and chains and sprockets three times a year. We saw some old friends and some current and former clients, all of who were saying nice things and wishing us well. Sara, if you are reading this from sunny Perth Anita a former client of yours with a rather distinctive Dutch surname asked to be remembered to you. I really hope this show is run next year. There were loads of bikers accompanied by their families. Predominantly 30 something Dads had come out on their bikes and met up with wives and children who had been around the wildlife park and this is exactly what my wife and kids had done, and they had a really enjoyable day. It would be nice to combine a family day with a ride out. My only regret is not putting on a bit of sun block because my head now has the colour of a busted pomegranate. There were a lot of useful local motorcycle services there and I picked up cards for leather repairers (but I have to say Graham at GLF accessories would always be my first choice for repairs) and saw Tim and his family from Hein Gericke, Luton. Hein Gericke have got a new waterproof cool leather 2 piece suit out, which I have to say I am seriously thinking about. Tim resisted the temptation to start rubbing his hands together after Charlie from HG Luton had already given my wallet a serious going over for my last winter waterproofs.

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