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Please find listed the confirmed 2009 dates for Jamie Wilkins

  • Saturday 21st February – Mallory Park (ACU-CTC course)
  • Sunday 22nd February – Mallory Park (Pre-season test and training day)
  • Friday 13th March – Mallory Park (Spring Cup National)
  • Saturday 14th March – Mallory Park (Spring Cup National)
  • Sunday 15th March – Mallory Park (Spring Cup & Race of the Year)
  • Saturday 11th April – Thundersport GB testing
  • Sunday 12th April – Cadwell Park (King of the Mountain)
  • Monday 13th April – Cadwell Park (King of the Mountain)
  • Friday 8th May – Pembrey Circuit testing
  • Saturday 9th May – Pembrey (Celtic Cup)
  • Sunday 10th May – Pembrey (Celtic Cup)
  • Friday 5th June – Thundersport GB testing
  • Saturday 6th June – Oulton Park (Earl of Oulton)
  • Friday 10th July – Thundersport GB testing
  • Saturday 11th July – Snetterton (Races for Aces)
  • Sunday 12th July – Snetterton (Races for Aces)
  • Thursday 23rd July – Donington Park (MOTO GP)
  • Friday 24th July – Donington Park (MOTO GP)
  • Saturday 25th July – Donington Park (MOTO GP)
  • Sunday 26th July – Donington Park (MOTO GP)
  • Friday 28th August – Thundersport GB testing
  • Saturday 29th August – Brands Hatch (Race of the South)
  • Sunday 30th August – Brands Hatch (Race of the South)
  • Friday 11th September – Thundersport GB testing
  • Saturday 12th September – Anglesey (Copper Island Trophy)
  • Sunday 13th September – Anglesey (Copper Island Trophy)
  • Friday 16th October – Thundersport GB testing
  • Saturday 17th October – Rockingham (Thundersport Finale)
  • Sunday 18th October – Rockingham (Thundersport Finale)

The 2008 season was my novice year, and I entered Thundersport’s top class, GP1, on a GSX-R1000 K4. Racing on a shoestring, with no back-up at all and riding the oldest bike on the grid, I scored strong results against fierce competition. These performances earned recognition and praise from commentators, organisers, and rivals alike, culminating in the club’s Rookie Of The Year award.

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