I arrive at about 08:00 to find Jenny from Coburn Hughes (Honda dealer for Luton) and Martin Mills from 1 on 1 Rider Training Ltd.  I know the day will be fun!

As expected the banter starts from the off and all the traders etc help each other get set up including the unloading of a Triumph Rocket which had been SUPERCHARDGED!!!!  It is huge, unnecessary and awesome!  So loud that it halted the demonstration by the paramedic.  Straight through pipes – Fantastic.

The day was a success and the sun was shining. One of the other White Dalton Partners, Paul Henry, turned up on his blade and then we collared the star guest Mr Carl Fogarty to sign our prize bike and Pauls lid as well as getting our photos with him!  You would never have guessed we are both the wrong side of 21 as it was mainly kids queuing up for photos!!!

And so starts the show season- check out the website for the shows we are doing and if you see a big chap with a skin head and a beard come say hi!